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PR Services

Why spend a fortune on advertising when you can get as much, if not more exposure and better results through PR?

Positive endorsements in the right media will produce a spike in visits to your website or generate sales enquiries.

PR - or public relations - is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Unless you are a large organisation with a dedicated communications or press office, it is unlikely that you'll have the necessary skills and resources to run a campaign. If your PR needs more focus while taking up less of your time - guess what? - we can help.

Peterborough Event PR & Promotion

Looking to bring an event to Peterborough? Whether it is in the field of entertainment, corporate hospitality, store opening, product launch, a seminar or roadshow, we offer knowledge and expertise on doing business in Peterborough.

Even if you have already booked your venue, we can work alongside your selected partner to promote the event in Greater Peterborough.

We know the local and regional infrastructure; we know who to go to for what and we have an excellent network of contacts across media, corporate organisations and public bodies that means your event will be well supported.

We offer

Recent events we have worked on...

Holiday on Ice - the world's most visited ice show visits Peterborough annually on a national tour of the UK, attracting visitors from a 50-mile radius of Peterborough

Barnardo's - publicising local fundraising events including a celebrity 'Question of Sport' quiz, business lunches with keynote speakers and Gala balls