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Training, Seminars & Speaker Services

We offer a series of seminars, workshops and bespoke training packages to give you the skills you need to....

  • Learn about different communication and learning styles and preferences- including your own -  and why they are important
  • Learn to lead the sales process and close the deal at the right time
  • Find out how to communicate with prospects in a way that influences their buying decision
  • Maximise your own motivational state and that of those around you
  • Set and achieve well-formed outcomes
  • Communicate effectively at both a conscious and unconscious level
  • Understand your own preferences and styles and how this affects your communication with others
  • Identify the preferences and styles of others so you can communicate effectively with others
  • Understand why others appear to be difficult and how you can remove the issues that create a barrier to communication
  • Have the ability to create win-win concepts where everyone is a winner
  • Manage people with ‘attitude’ and work with them

Our selection of seminars is shown in the menu on the left side of this page. You can also book us to speak on a range of communication and business development topics.

Contact us to find out how we can help you improve the communication culture of your organisation and develop the communication skills of individuals to achieve your well-formed outcomes.

Leadership & Management Training

Leadership is all about setting direction and creating the right organisational conditions for heading in that direction. You may not be clear about the specific leadership and management skills and behaviours your organisations needs to operate at its optimum level.

Developing the right leadership and management skills for your business is only the first step; the ability to introduce and embed these skills effectively in the workplace is just as important.

Leadership & Management

Operational Excellence in Managers

- Developing an effective leadership style
- When to try and influence circumstances and when to walk away
- Methods for influencing the thoughts and behaviours of others
- Attitudes to organisational change, and how to energise people to overcome barriers
- Individuals reaction to imposed personal change and describe strategies to help them cope
- Performance management

Personal Effectiveness

- Techniques for improving communication skills
- Well-formed personal and team goals and objectives
- Learning to prioritise
- Create long and short term plans for achieving goals and objectives
- Identify self-limiting beliefs and develop a strategy for changing them
- Presentation skills
- Time management
- NLP Techniques for business settings

Embedding a Culture of Innovation 

- Encouraging ideas and creativity
- Embedding a culture innovation
- Building value
- Innovation culture, tools and techniques

Marketing Strategy 

New Market Entry
- Marketing strategy
- Brand strategy and integrity management
- Sales channel review and strategic planning
- Building value 

Communication Strategy 

- PR and Communications review, channel and growth strategy to improve reach, impact and reputation
- Social Media strategy and managing your social media profile
- Online strategy and content management

Marketing planning
- Marketing processes
- Marketing culture
- Brand values
- Completing a marketing audit

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Tailor made coaching

Identified a requirement and now need expert help?
We also deliver bespoke training for leadership, sales and customer service teams in private companies. Whatever your needs, whether it be leadership and management skills, sales, marketing, customer service or setting up a business we can tailor a package to help you get the most from your training.

How to book

telephone01778 420640  emailemail an enquirybooking formfill out our booking form.

Seminar Booking - General Terms and Conditions
Payment: Bookings will be confirmed by invoice which will be sent on the receipt of your booking form (normally by email), payment must be received within 5 working days to guarantee your place.
Bookings cancelled will only receive a refund if the seminar place is resold.
NBM Business Growth reserve the right to vary the Terms and Conditions as appropriate. Any variations will be notified at the time of booking.