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Business Coaching

Do you have a business with high growth potential that's starting to go places? Are you determined to grow but currently lack the confidence, experience, clarity or resources to put your growth plans into action? If the answer is YES, then we can help.

Business Coaching

We know from our experience of working with businesses through the GrowthAccelerator and other business development schemes that extraordinary growth can be achieved when business owners and leadership teams engage with experts. 

"Small businesses that use external help are more likely to grow" (Growing Your Business - Lord Young 2013)

We help you do this by:

At NBM Business Growth both Paula Finch and Barbara Spiller are experienced GrowthAccelerator Business Development and Innovation Coaches who can work with you and your team to implement your Business Development growth plan, focussing on the vital things you need to do to achieve your vision. These include:

SME Business Coaching 

Every business reaches different stages of their development at different times, so our coaching and training is structured to meet your specific situation and needs. It could include:

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch for an informal chat to about your business and how you'd like to see it grow. Email or call us on 01778 424640

GrowthAccelerator Success Story - Running Imp